Working with children is always a delight. The kind of Enthusiasm and curiosity they show is simply out of the world

Fitness365 conducted a workshop for children from IXth to XIIth std on 26th June at The Ridge Valley School for The DLF employees kids.What a refreshing change it was to take a break from the corporate sector and connect with the kids! Their energy levels and willingness to learn is amazing! The main aim of the workshop was to introduce simple techniques which could help children learn ways to reduce their stress, strain and tension in today’s highly competitive world.

We started with some eye exercises for relieving strain from the eyes followed by desk yoga/exercises which children could do whenever they wanted to take an energy break from their studies. Towards the end we did Anulom Vilom and Bhramari Pranayams which are very effective for improving focus and concentration.

The best part was the feedback session wherein the children told us how much they had enjoyed the session. We also felt very happy that the children left the workshop loaded with ideas and techniques to bring about a life style modificaion for leading a more Active , Fit , Stress free and Happy life.