Making India Play

India is on the verge of Sporting transformation.Multiple sports like Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Boxing, Atheletics, Football are gaining popularity across rural/urban populations.The rise of sporting Leagues in many parts of the country are giving a new flavour to sports.

On 6th/7th of July, CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) organised a summit, Scorecard 2017,where the focus was on Sports, to tap into the potential of the industry and to nurture a sporting culture in the country. The talks basically revolved around how to bring people together through sports and harness the potential of local champions to popularise community sports at the grassroot level.

One of the key agenda of the summit was, How to build a sustained in-school program that runs in existing schools with a standardised physical education curriculum and get a cadre of trained and motivated PE Teacher’s and coaches. Also since sports play an important role in acquiring a whole range of life skills and abilities like developing cognitive skills, team spirit apart from keeping fit, it should infact form an important part of the school curriculum in a more structured way.

The Co-Founder of our company , Fitness365,Mr Sujit Panigrahi spoke on this on one of the forums ,where in he spoke about school curriculum framework and how sports can bring about life changing modifications in students.

It was a wonderful experience to attend the CII Summit with our Team of Fitness365. Since our Company’s main focus has always been on building Active Schools and Active Communities by providing them structured sports/Fitness activities , the outcomes of the CII, Scorecard 2017 Summit would definitely help us and other organisations involved in promoting Sports and Fitness in the Country.

Some interesting points to be pondered upon-

  1. Do schools need a structured physical education program like other subjects to hunt and nurture talent to produce champions.
  2. Can life skills teaching bring about qualitative changes in a students life?