Mr. Sujit Panigrahi, CEO, Fitness365 awarded “New Generation Entrepreneur” at IIM Rohtak Business Summit 2014

IIM Rohtak hosted its 3rd NCR Business Summit on November 1, 2014. This summit was an initiative by the institute to recognize the excellent contribution made by the leading business organizations operating in Delhi-NCR and to honor their outstanding achievements. The welcome address was delivered by Professor P Rameshan, Director IIMR, who emphasized on the significance of this modest effort, in times where the only constant thing is change. The summit commenced with the keynote address by Mr. Aayush Munjal (President, Majestic Auto Ltd.) who underscored the need for innovation in light of high market competition and ever increasing consumer demands.The topic of first panel discussion “Growth of business organizations in uncertain times despite adversities” and the Speakers were Mr Lalit Kumar Jain (Chairman and MD, Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd.), Mr Rajesh Jain (Managing Director, LPS Bossard Pvt. Ltd.), Mr Sunil Goyal (COO, Sopra Group), Mr Sunil Khanna (CEO-Airport Vertical, DIL- RJ Corp), Mr Abhinandan Singh (CEO,, Mr Sujit Panigrahi (Founder and CEO, Fitness 365), Mr Deepak K Sharma (CEO, The Road Ahead), Mr Mohan Narayanan (President and CEO, Auto Ignition Ltd.) and Mr Makoto Saito (MD, AISIN Automotive Haryana Pvt Ltd).

Mr. Sujit Panigrahi receiving "New Generation Entrepreneur" award from Mr. P Rameshan, Director, IIM Rohtak
Mr. Sujit Panigrahi receiving “New Generation Entrepreneur” award from Mr. P Rameshan, Director, IIM Rohtak

Mr. Sujit Panigrahi (CEO, Fitness365) was recognized as the most conspicuous “New Generation Entrepreneur” in the NCR region for his contribution in building new sustainable business model in the area of Sports, Physical Education and Fitness. Mr. Panigrahi drew parallel between running a business and running a marathon. Any Business has long term and short term goals and require the right and skillful planning, preparation, sustenance and setting milestones for success.

Mr. Aayush Munjal (CEO, Majestic Auto) and Mr. Sunil Goyal (COO, SOPRA Group) were given the award for valuable business contribution in the NCR region.

Mr. Jain mentioned that the two important yardsticks for measuring excellence of a company are customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction as the only differentiating factor for any company in today’s world is Human. Mr Rajesh Jain told about the importance of proactive and early anticipation in various facets of business. Mr. Goyal pointed out that what has really changed is nothing but the speed of change.

Mr. Khanna highlighted the challenges faced by any company are related to its people- their quality, integrity and retention. Mr. Singh rightly pointed out that cross functionality is a desired trait in every manager. Mr. Sharma shared an anology that the business is a combination lock, which works only when all the keys fall into place.

Mr. Narayanan, Mr. Saito and Mr. Sujit Panigrahi shared their valuable insights on the ground breaking realities prevalent today. The first panel concluded by sighting proactive customer service, innovative product offering and a passionate team as the Success Mantra for any flourished business organization.

The afternoon session also saw deliberations on “Accelerating the Growth of my Business: The Road Ahead”. The speakers for this discussion were Mr. Deep Arora (Director, i3Indiya Group), Ms Juhi Rajput (MD, CNFC Media Pvt. Ltd), Mr Veer Sagar (Chairman and CEO, Selectronic Equipment and Services Pvt. Ltd), Mr Manuraj Jain (Managing Partner, Vincullam Capital Partners) and Mr Manoj Tibrewal (Executive VP, Au Financiers (India) Limited).