Sujit Panigrahi, Founder & CEO, Fitness 365 at 3rd National Conference on Sports & PE

Sujit with this strong background in technology is on a mission through Fitness 365 to make children from just watching television to playing sports.

Nurturing at school levels, Fitness 365 today has a reach of more than 120 schools across India and trying to create a sports eco-system which has a far away effect even in communities.

Understanding the models across the World, Sujit and his team strongly believe that a bigger change in the Indian sports can be brought through standardisation and which can be achieved by keeping technology at the core of imparting sports education in schools. To support their mission, the team at Fitness 365 is working on 3 step process which involves Assessment, Intervention and Monitoring.

By engaging parents as well, Fitness 365 is ensuring every child play for 60 min every day and through a proper process, the team is working on both the Physical Education and Nutrition required for a child to improve his or her overall performance.

Fitness 365 closely monitors the gaps between the Knowledge, Intention and Behaviour and addresses the issues timely to bring the desired improvements.
Speaking about the theme for 3rd National Conference on Sports and Physical Education & Sports organised by Amity University, Sujit appreciated the concept of empowering women in sports and shared that the team at fitness 365 every day live and work for bringing the inclusiveness by ensuring every child plays irrespective of the gender.